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I Am the Vine Sticker

I Am the Vine Sticker

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When we thought of the name "Abide" for our shop, we loved what it conveyed. Remaining constant with the Lord and sojourning on with Him. We want this to be an ever present reminder to you and to ourselves that our foundation is Christ alone. ⁠

With Christ being the vine and us being the branches, it's a beautiful picture of our need for Him. A vine is rooted and planted and its spread is far reaching. And a branch can not exist or flourish (bear fruit) without the vine. ⁠


These stickers are printed on thick, durable vinyl.

They are protected from scratching, rain, and sunlight. And are even dishwasher safe!

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All stickers will ship 3-5 days after purchase.

We currently do not accept returns for items are no longer wanted.

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